Desert Hot Springs Neighborhood Group (AKA DHSNG) is a Facebook Group all about our beautiful people of Desert Hot Springs, encouraging a positive outlook on life – Political free. Share photos of the gems you find in town, tell us about your upcoming event, learn the history of our city together, find solutions to make us grow!

Desert Hot Springs Neighborhood Group… the group formed by local resident – Mama DHS – Donna Poyuzina – is only about six months old.  Grown from this Facebook Group of loving neighbors getting to know their city to now being a grassroots organization birthing events, solving problems, creating welcome booklets and so much more! We promote our businesses, Pick-Up Crew, Chamber, Churches, Nonprofits & more!

We are the City of LOVE !

We have a person of the week every week so you will get to know each other better !

Remember this page is to promote our businesses in DHS .For sale items please go to that page , but you can post here where and when you have garage sale , car washes , church functions . All the functions in our city !

We have the best water , the best spas and the best ma and pa restaurants in the valley . We will all help and post daily activities in our city so we will know what we want to do that day . Lets all help build our city , and help each other grow . Here we solve problems and make things happen . Love you all!

ANYONE WHO DOESN’T FOLLOW THE RULES, repeatedly upsets members, is threatening or harasses any members in this group , uses language that is not appropriate will be deleted and permanently banned. THIS IS NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE.

If you have a problem do not post it here send the message to me and it will be answered . Thank you so much !

Remember we meet once a month for breakfast , the first Saturday in the month , we will always keep you informed of where , we are going all over DHS and supporting our restaurants , starting January we will give welcome Bags to all new residents of our city .